We actively promote the benefits of neutering your pet. We offer competitive pricing without any compromise on standards, employing the use of modern anaesthetics and monitoring equipment to ensure these procedures are very safe for your pet.

The behavioural and health benefits for neutering your pet can mean they live a life with reduced risks of certain infections and conditions, will be less likely to roam and may even have a longer lifespan

In males, neutering is known as castration and in females it is spaying.  As well as limiting the population level of pets, other benefits include:

  •            Reduction in roaming – especially dogs.
  •            Reduction in fighting – from all species.
  •            Reduction in territorial marking (spraying) – by male cats.
  •            No more messy seasons or vocalisation (calling) during a season.
  •            Reduction in objectionable sexual behaviours.
  •            Reduced risk of certain cancers – both male and female.
  •            Reduction/eliminating womb infection in females – which can be life-threatening.

For more in-depth information about neutering and its benefits for your pet, please refer to our blogs, or call us and speak to a team member for more advice.