In our journey to becoming a greener organisation, we’re:

  • reducing our paper waste by adopting digital and online processes
  • installing low-energy light bulbs in all our practices
  • making most client information available by email or through our website
  • promoting preventative healthcare to help avoid the need to administer treatment to pets for preventable conditions, thus limiting the overall impact on the environment
  • risk assessing pets when considering parasite control so as to minimise its environmental impact
  • currently recycling 30% of all of our general waste and are seeking ways of increasing this.

And we’ve already recently:

  • replaced plastic bags with paper bags for client use
  • ensured our client information leaflets are produced with paper from Forest Stewardship Council-responsible sources
  • committed that any promotional items will be made from sustainable, eco-friendly, natural, or recycled material unless there is no alternative
  • installed EV charging points in a number of our premises.