Haley Christou RVN

Haley started her career with the Goddard Group in 2001 as a veterinary assistant at our Mile End branch.  After qualifying as an RVH in 2012 she became Head Nurse at the branch.  After a few years of locuming for other practices Haley decided to return to the hospital at Wanstead to head up the insurance team. Haley is the proud carer of her cat ‘Stinky’, a stray cat entrusted to her by from Poorly Paws Rescue.  Unfortunately, he likes ‘getting up to mischief’  which resulted in a broken tail that needed partial amputation and the complete removal of his upper canine teeth after an unknown trauma. Haley is a self-confessed ‘crazy cat lady’ but also enjoys caring for dogs, horses and her tortoise Sheldon.