PUBLISHED: Thursday 17th June 2021 at 2:00pm

Cat owners may be concerned by recent news reports of a product recall, by the Food Safety Agency (FSA), of some dry cat food products including Applaws,  Sainsbury’s hypoallergenic and AVA (Pets at Home) over a potential link to a serious illness in cats called feline pancytopenia, which, though rare, can be fatal. These products are manufactured by Fold Hill Foods.

If you are feeding any of the diets concerned to your cat, you are advised to stop immediately and contact the retailer that you purchased them from for details.

Goddard Veterinary Group does not sell any of the food products concerned (we instead stock a range of Royal Canin branded food products that are not affected by the recall).

Further details on this recall may also be found on the FSA website and a full list of recalled diet products affected at Fold Hill Diets.

We recognise that some clients may naturally be concerned about their pets. The current advice, while investigations by the pet food industry and regulatory bodies are continuing, is that if you have fed your cat any of the recalled diet products and he or she then shows any signs of becoming unwell, including showing lethargy or loss of appetite then you should contact your vet for advice.