The importance of a
Wellness health screen
for your pet.

Spotting potential health issues before signs appear can help protect your pet from serious disease.

Suitable for most adult cats and dogs.
Available at annual vaccination or
ProActive Pets 6-month health check.

Pet health screening poster

Designed to spot potential health issues before any signs appear, a Wellness health screen will measure the organ function of your pet by testing their blood and, if necessary, urine. The results of the test will indicate to your vet the potential risk of a number of common diseases or medical conditions, as well as providing a baseline against which to monitor future changes.

What is included?

Your pet’s Wellness heath screen will include a physical examination, a blood test, and if necessary, a urine test. The examination will look for any physical abnormalities and the blood test will identify signs of anaemia, inflammation, infection, stress, abnormal white blood count, some bleeding problems, hydration and the ability to fight infection.

From this testing, we can analyse the function of your pet’s liver and gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas and intestines and, if necessary, their bladder and urine.

What happens next?

Your Vet will interpret the results and explain to you what they mean for your pet’s current and future health and make any necessary recommendations as a result.

By using the results as a baseline, your Vet is able to more accurately track your pet’s health making it easier to monitor future changes and to identify disease earlier.

Request a Wellness screen

To book your pet’s Wellness screen please speak to your Vet or a member of staff. Screens may be booked at either annual vaccination time, or, for ProActive Pets members, at vaccination or 6-month health checks.

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