We are pleased to be able to provide veterinary students with an essential opportunity to gain real-life work experience that will enhance your university-based studies. You will gain experience in animal-handling and utilise the clinical skills you have studied so far, as well as build up your experience of dealing with clients and with other members of the veterinary team.


Where should I apply?

Please email the hospital or branch where you would be interested in undertaking this placement. Details can be found here.

What details do you require in an application?

Apart from the obvious name and contact details, we would like to know where you are currently studying, where you are in your studies and any special requirements or interests you may have.

Is this a paid position?

No. Work placements are provided as part of your study requirements.

Can accommodation be provided?

Not usually.Unfortunately, our accommodation is required for our clinical staff and we do not have spare capacity for students.

What level of involvement can I expect to participate in?

This is dependent upon your year of study at university, current skill level, and the assessment of your supervising vet as to what is appropriate. We support the involvement of EMS students but as a private practice, we must also ensure that the highest standards of care are maintained at all times.