Emma Jarratt BVSc MRCVS [OV]

Emma qualified as a vet in 2007 and joined the Group in 2013 as a floating locum before transferring to the Chingford branch in 2015 where she has contributed much to our special relationship with the RSPCA. Emma is motivated by providing lifelong care for pets and has many clinical interests including behaviour, nutrition and pain management and offers acupuncture as a complementary treatment for chronic pain and other conditions. As an Official Veterinarian [OV] Emma is authorised to issue pet passports and complete export health certificates. Outside of work, Emma enjoys yoga, volunteering, and spending time on her allotment. An avid traveller, she has combined this passion with veterinary work for charities in Greece, Thailand and the Galapagos Islands. Emma lives with her rescued pets Star the chihuahua, Amelia Jane & Percy the cats, Blue the tortoise and Red, a corn snake.