Hello! I’m Nacho…

…a confident little Norfolk Terrier! On April 7th 2021, I met my two humans and Archie and they decided they liked the look of me so took me home with them to a big scary place called London.GVG Guest Social Editor

On the car ride home, Archie (my big brother) told me how lucky I was to be moving in with them because he has had 11 years going everywhere with them and having the most amazing adventures. Now with Archie as my guide and mentor, I am beginning to enjoy some of these places myself.

I love meeting people and other dogs and already consider myself a city dog – turns out this place isn’t so scary after all! But I do also enjoy trips to the beach and the countryside. Archie has introduced me to his many friends and I’m looking forward to making many more. I’ve also joined Archie in his love of food!

I already love my friends at Goddard Veterinary Group Kingston, especially Katy who gives me bacon flavoured treats and I’m delighted to share my adventures with all the other Goddard’s doggies! I hope The Four Legged Foodies will inspire you to have your own amazing adventures in London and beyond!

Nacho x

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