How can regular check-ups benefit my pet?

Regular check-ups for animals might not seem so important if they appear healthy, after all, we don’t usually go to the doctors’ just for a check-up!  So why is that different in our pets? Hopefully, this blog should highlight how they can benefit your pet whatever stage of life they are at.

Firstly, what is a check-up?

It’s a chance to discuss any changes or concerns you may have about your pet. This involves a full nose to tail exam – including checking teeth, weight, body condition (another way of assessing if your pet is an ideal weight), heart, lungs and abdomen. This full check over allows us to pick up any problems like heart murmurs or dental disease early and discuss what we can do to monitor or combat them.

The majority of owners would agree that their pet gets nervous at the vets. In fact, one of the most common things said in a veterinary surgery is “my pet doesn’t like it here”. By regularly attending the vets when there are no needles and plenty of treats, you can slowly teach your pet that being with us isn’t always bad by creating positive experiences. If they become less anxious about seeing the vet, it will be less stressful for everyone involved if they do get sick and have to come in.

With regular check-ups, any problems like arthritis and diabetes can be picked up at an earlier stage. Our pets cannot always tell us when something is wrong and will only begin to show signs when the problem gets worse. If we pick up these hidden issues at an earlier stage, we may be more able to treat it, giving your pet a better and longer life. You may have noticed small changes in your pet’s behaviour and a check-up is a great opportunity to ask if these are normal and get them investigated further if not.

Use us for advice!

Not everything you read on the internet can be believed and this can lead to confusion as there is so much conflicting information. When you bring your pet in, we are more than happy to explain both sides of competing theories and why some may not be as helpful as they look. We can give advice about anything from feeding to neutering, common toxins or a recent article you read. We can debunk any myths and give you sound advice so you can give your pet the best care possible. That is what we are here for so, if you have a question, this is the perfect moment!

Monitor that waistline!

Weight can be gained so easily and can slowly creep on over time, so it can be difficult to notice. Whenever you visit us, the weight of your pet will be recorded and we can let you know how they are doing. The sooner it is recognised if your pet becomes overweight, the easier it is to correct.  Being the ideal weight is important to stay happy and healthy, especially as pets come into their senior years when arthritis starts to become a problem.

Preventative care is at the centre of what we do, we want happy and healthy pets. By bringing your pet in for vaccinations annually you have already got a semi-regular check-up as well as protecting your pet against serious and fatal diseases.

Just bringing your dog in to weigh them for flea and worming treatment is an easy way to keep an eye on your pet’s weight as well as reducing stress by creating positive memories. Even by signing up to ProActive Pets, you can take care of all your pet’s preventative healthcare, get discounts on vet consultations, and have two nurse assessment checks per year, along with a whole host of other benefits – because we think this is so important.

Want to know more? Pop in and ask us!