Goddard Veterinary Group at the London Vet Show 2021

Have you heard of the London Vet Show? It’s one of the top veterinary conferences in the UK (maybe in the world), and we’re really proud to be exhibiting there! We believe that our family-focused approach to caring for your pets is as important today as it ever was. It remains at the heart of everything we do today, and we really want to showcase our ethos to the veterinary profession as a whole.

What is the London Vet Show?

The London Vet Show (or LVS) is Europe’s most important general veterinary conference and exhibition. Organised by the British Veterinary Association and the Royal Veterinary College (London vet school), the conference side brings together experts from all over the world to discuss advances in pet health, care and medicine, as well as farm animal and horse health, surgical and medical techniques, practice management and business. It’s a real one-stop-shop for vets and veterinary practices!

But of course that’s not all, as there will be over 450 exhibitors, showcasing equipment, medications, resources, techniques, educational establishments and veterinary practices.

All in all, there are nearly 6000 veterinary professionals expected to attend, leading to massive opportunities to share “best practice”, new ideas and traditional ideals. We think it’s just the place for us, in other words!

Why will we be there?

To showcase our ideals

In a world of identikit corporate practices, we’re proud to be the biggest family-owned veterinary group in the UK. We believe in the traditional model of veterinary practice – strong and long-lasting relationships between staff, patients, and animal owners, backed up with the very best medicine and surgery available today. This is a model that we believe works for you, the owner, and for your pets, our patients, and we want to shout about it!

To learn how to do things even better

All vets and nurses are obliged to carry out “Continuing Professional Development” (CPD, or lifelong learning) because the art and science of veterinary medicine are constantly advancing. By attending conferences like this, our vets and nurses can get state-of-the art updates from world experts, and bring it back into practice to support you and your pets. Even if it wasn’t required, we’d be there to learn!

To attract the best and the brightest

You may not realise this, but there’s a shortage of qualified vets in the UK. Practices across the country, and especially here in London, struggle to find enough vets to see all their patients in a timely manner. Now, while this isn’t a particular problem for us (our reputation goes before us!), we always want to keep an eye out for veterinary professionals who share our ideals and would be an asset to our team. By exhibiting at the LVS, we get to stand out from other practices and attract them! If you’re keen to see what vacancies we currently have, click here

Because we’re an educational establishment too!

We’re proud to run our own veterinary nursing college, training the next generation of vet nurses in accordance with “best practice” and our enduring values. As such, education is central to our identity as a practice, a group, and a business. However, in many veterinary practices there is a constant turnover of vet nurses, and with the role rapidly expanding, vet nurse education is currently at a premium. By exhibiting, we get to showcase a new model of vet nurse training – just as rigorous as in more traditional establishments, but tightly linked to the needs of nurses (and vets, and practices, and owners, but above all our patients – your pets) in the real world. This innovative model stands us in really good stead, and allows us to produce cohorts of veterinary nurses ready to step right into our branch practices, or even our flagship hospitals. Rather than having to translate “book knowledge” into “real world” skills, our nurses have learnt both together, and integrated them throughout the course, working within the systems that have made Goddard Vet Group the success it is.

And this is something else we want to shout about! We think this interlinking between education and practice is essential for producing effective and skilled nurses, and we’re really proud of it.

Can I find out more?

Of course — visit the London Vet Show website for more information! And, if you are attending the show yourself, pop along to meet the team on Stand A40!