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Goddard Veterinary Group Blog Spot

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Can veterinary nurses help with preventative health?

They certainly can! Read more here...

Can your veterinary nurses really help with my pet's weight?

Ask our nurses for weight advice for your pets.

Why older pets can benefit from our veterinary nurse team.

Let our nurses help with your senior pets.

5 Reasons to let our Veterinary Nurses check your pet’s teeth!

For you pet's health and to help you save money!

What is Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) , and why should I be concerned about it? 

This is a must read for all rabbit owners.

Can cats get heart disease?

Yes they can. A must read for all cat owners.

Why keeping a rabbit and guinea pig together is not a good idea...

And the problems you may find.

What is a hip and elbow score in dogs?

And why it's important!

Does my cat have epilepsy?

And the difference between fits and epilepsy 

Rabbit anaesthesia for neutering. Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Helping with the decision for rabbit owners.

Does Distemper still exist?

The answer is worrying - but this disease is preventable.

What First Aid can I do for my cat? Part 3

The last part of the series - be sure not to miss the rest.

What First Aid can I do for my cat? Part 2

The second part of the series - invaluable for cat owners.

What First Aid can I do for my cat? Part 1

A knowledge of First Aid in pets can be really useful...

My dog's scratched his eye - what should I do?

Guidance on the steps to take for this common injury.

How to have a pet friendly Christmas

And avoid festive disasters!

What is HCM?

Find out more about this heart disease, normally found in cats.

Do rabbits really get womb cancer?

Find out here...

What is FIP?

Learn about this condition found in cats.

What's a pyo?

Learn about this condition that can be sadly fatal.

What is mitral valve disease and can it be cured?

Heart conditions in dogs are a worrying. Learn more about them here.

What is CKD in cats?

Chronic Kidney Disease is a common disease affecting many cats... read more here.

Cats don't get arthritis do they?

Yes they do - and you might not even know they are hiding it...

If my dog breaks his leg, will he be in cast?

Fractures in leg bones can mean several types of treatment. Learn more here.

Mast Cell Tumours in dogs - what are they?

These tumours are best caught early... find out more here.

My dog jumps up at visitors, how can I stop him?

It's probably one of the most common behavioural problems in dog - read more now!

Why do some rabbits need regular dental checks?

Rabbits can be a real worry when it comes to their teeth, so this blog is a must read!

I'm taking my dog abroad, what do I need to treat for?

Please read these important guidelines well in advance of travel.

Should I breed from my bitch?

Deciding whether or not to breed from a pet can be really hard - learn more with this blog.

Why does my old dog struggle when he's going to the toilet?

Constipation, prostate problem or something else?

In our archives...

What vaccinations does my rabbit need and why?

The importance of vaccination in rabbits and stopping fatal diseases.

Why does my dog scoot his bottom on the floor?

This is a common question asked in our consult rooms, read this and find out possible answers!

10 Costs to consider when getting a new pet

Plan ahead to avoid a worrying time financially when it comes to pets

Should I get my lone rabbit a friend?

Rabbits are social animals, but there are considerations to make when keeping rabbits together.

How do I know my cat's in pain?

Cats often hide pain really well. As their owners you can pick up signs they might be in discomfort. Learn more here.

Babesiosis and Ticks

Babesiosis has been in the news recently.  More information available here

Five signs that your dog needs a dental

Just like us, dogs and cats get dirty teeth and occasionally need more aggressive dental treatment


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