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Information for Clients

In order for your pet to be seen by a specialist you will need to be referred by your veterinary surgeon. Therefore if you would like to have your pet examined or treated by one of our specialists all you need to do is discuss this with your regular veterinary surgeon who will be happy to arrange this if appropriate.

All of our veterinary specialists hold advanced qualifications in their area of expertise and are recognised by the profession's governing body [the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons] as specialists in their field. You can therefore be confident that your pet will receive the highest standards of care with us.

  • CT Scanning & Ultrasound appointments are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Ophthalmology cases are seen on a Monday and Tuesday.
  • Orthopaedic cases are seen at all of our Hospitals
  • Dermatology cases can be seen on request.
  • Emergency cases will be seen whenever possible.

Before your appointment

To help assess your pet it is important the specialist is sent the previous history along with a covering letter from your veterinary surgeon and any test results and x-rays relating to your pet's condition. Your vet may send these directly to us or ask you to bring them with you. Unless your pet is diabetic or less than 12 weeks old, they should not have food after 9pm the evening before the appointment. Water should be withdrawn on the morning of the appointment. Certain blood tests require that your pet is fasted. Also, your pet may need sedation or anaesthetic for certain diagnostic tests or procedures so it is important they have not eaten.

During the consultation

The specialist will take a thorough history of your pet's symptoms and will perform a full physical examination of your pet focusing on the area of the problem. Based on the findings they will discuss the possible causes for the condition, further investigations required and suggest treatment options. The specialist will also give an estimate of costs involved for the initial investigation and treatment. You will be able to ask further questions and discuss the best treatment plan for your pet.

The majority of patients seen by our specialists who do not require an operation are able to be admitted for any tests they require before being discharged later the same day.

Sometimes it is not possible to know whether a patient will require overnight hospitalisation for treatment until some initial testing has been conducted. During your pet's stay the specialist will keep you updated daily on any changes in your pets condition or test results.

Care of your pet during their stay in the Hospital

You can be assured of the highest quality of veterinary and nursing care during your pet's stay with us. In order to ensure the best standards, we always have at least one fully qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse [RVN] working per vet on duty. This ensures that all patients receive the attention they deserve and enables us to keep a close eye on their wellbeing and comfort.

Many of our nurses have worked alongside our specialists for several years and as such are highly skilled in the nursing of complex and unusual conditions. In addition, we always have at least one qualified nurse and vet on site 24 hours a day. This enables us to respond promptly to patient needs at any time of day or night.

Referral costs and payment

The specialist will give you an estimate of the costs during your consultation. Medical investigations and treatment can be unpredictable and deviations from the initial estimate sometimes occur. We will keep you updated though and you are welcome to obtain a daily statement from reception. We accept cash, cheques and most major debit and credit cards as payment. Accounts must be paid in full when your pet is discharged from the Hospital.


Insurance claims - As soon as your appointment is booked it is advisable to contact your insurance company and inform them you have been referred to a specialist. You will need two claim forms; one for your own vet to claim for any treatment already given and a second for us to complete for treatment given by us. You will need to bring the form with you when you settle your account in order that we can ensure your claim is processed and forwarded to your insurance company rapidly.

Direct claims- We are able to process direct claims for bills greater than £500.00 and advice will be given to you at the consultation on how to proceed. There will be a small administration fee for this and we will need the following documents;

  • Full copy of insurance policy
  • Signed claim form
  • Completed Goddard Veterinary Group direct claim form

For consultations where your pet is discharged the same day we require these forms in advance of your appointment to allow for liaison with your insurance company such that we can confirm a direct claim where possible. Should we not have all the correct documentation for a direct claim at the time your pet is discharged we request that payment in full is made.