Contact Centre Veterinary Surgeon (Telemedicine) – Woodford Green, East London

30 hours per week, working times to be negotiated

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Provide timely veterinary consultations and advice via telemedicine channels to group clients in accordance with RCVS Code of Conduct and supporting guidance, clinical protocols and within the operating protocols and requirements of the Goddard Veterinary Group Contact Centre
  • Act as departmental clinical advisor to both clinical and non-clinical teams in relation to the handling and triaging of client enquiries and consultations. Monitor and oversee the clinical advice given
  • Oversee the delivery of and timely management of exceptional clinical service and client care to those under your care through telemedicine channels. Ensure appropriate and timely referral of cases for physical examination, speed of access to quality treatments and provision of advice within the parameters of the role
  • Help develop the telemedicine provision into a high quality, client focussed, responsive strategic service to the company.

Patient care is our principal objective

Our foremost purpose is the care and long-term welfare of animals entrusted to us. Patients are all seen as being unique individuals and are treated as such.

  • Ensure the provision of a high quality and continually improving standard of veterinary care
  • Carry out consultations over telemedicine channels, making management and treatment recommendations that are based on best practice and are evidence-based and in accordance with Goddard Veterinary Group protocols
  • Maintain, prescribe and dispense or recommend all medications in accordance with current medicines regulations and RCVS guidance
  • Ensure that urgent or emergency cases are triaged promptly and effectively and referred to be investigated fully and appropriately, using appropriate diagnostic techniques
  • Ensure the comfort and general welfare of all pets entrusted to our care
  • Record accurate and thorough clinical notes and ensure that pets’ histories are accurate comprehensive and in accordance with Goddard Veterinary Group protocol
  • Be prepared to refer cases in a timely manner, either reverting to branch practice or to a Goddard Veterinary Group Hospital, when there is an inability to continue caring for a case solely by telemedicine for whatever reason
  • Remain updated on developments within the profession and undertake as a minimum the requisite CPD required by the RCVS
  • Ensure that good clinical governance is maintained and contribute to its continued improvement within the group.

Our clients deserve the best

We understand that clients have choices and they are never taken for granted. They deserve a service of quality and efficiency which is administered with total integrity.

  • Ensure an exemplary standard of client care by means of excellent communication and levels of service. Demonstrate excellent relationship building with clients over telemedicine channels in the absence of in-practice consultations
  • Ensure that owners of pets are kept fully informed of the progress of their pet in cases where you are involved in their care
  • Liaise and coordinate ongoing or recommended care with the client’s home practice. Obtain clinical histories from the previous practice if the client is not normally a client of Goddard Veterinary Group
  • Communicate to clients an accurate estimate as to the cost of consultations and any likely proposed medication, diagnosis, or treatment and record such information in the pets’ notes
  • Explain carefully to clients what is involved with surgical procedures and treatments
  • Ensure the clients is aware of, and, had the available treatment options explained to them and make recommendations that are based on best clinical practice and in the long-term health and welfare interest of the pet
  • Ensure that colleagues are polite and helpful and follow clinical standard operating procedures (SOPs) in all areas
  • Ensure clients receive any accurate written, video, photographic, or text information digitally, or by other means should the client require
  • Offer nurse clinics where facilities and staff ability permits. Encourage and develop clinical team members to advise on pet health and welfare, including weight, dental and ProActive Pet checks
  • Ensure that all client data is maintained in accordance with practice, professional and legal requirements.

Our people are our greatest asset

Excellent working relationships and close attention to personal and professional development result in the attainment of knowledge and expertise that benefits our patients and clients.

  • Read and contribute to our internal intranet InTouch
  • Enthusiastically and proactively engage with practice colleagues to ensure the smooth running of all services involved
  • Adopt high standards in personal performance and appearance
  • Observe and be compliant with the Health and Safety Manual. Report any defects that might represent a risk to self or others
  • Identify and engage with learning opportunities offered by Goddard Veterinary Group in client care as well as professional development
  • Assist with the induction of new staff and their subsequent training
  • Continue self-development by attending courses as agreed with or directed by the Regional Manager
  • Comply in all ways with the RCVS Professional Code of Conduct
  • Conduct regular training for administrative and nursing teams.

The success of our practice benefits everyone

We look to the future by reinvesting in our people, our facilities, and our services.

  • Comply with Goddard Veterinary Group’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), policies, protocols, and operational procedures. Encourage and expect the same high levels of observance from departmental staff
  • Provide a central clinical function for, and oversee the timely management of, the Group’s telemedicine enquiries, appointments, ordering, advice requests, and triaging
  • Ensure correct and timely charging of remotely held consultations
  • Enthusiastically participate in providing support in the provision of client information and advice, particularly in liaison with the Marketing team, through various media including written, verbal, photographic, recorded voice and video, etc which may be shared with clients through digital or other means
  • Proactively assist the Contact Centre Call Handling team and Contact Centre Manager with heightening the profile of the contact centre and its clinical service in the wider practice
  • Attend to individual and team achievement of business objectives, at least meeting the minimum performance standards defined in the Group Scorecard
  • Participate enthusiastically in marketing initiatives such as ProActive Pets and other services ensuring clients are always of, and offered if appropriate, tertiary and complementary services and promotions
  • Promote products and services such as microchipping, diets, and insurance to clients
  • Ensure the completion of routine works involving the computer software as directed by the IT Department
  • Delegate the prompt reporting of all routine maintenance requests
  • Charge for all remote work done and treatments administered according to the set scale determined by the Practice and implemented on Zeus (our practice management system). This enables Goddard Veterinary Group to plan and budget safely for its future
  • Expedite insurance claims for clients by the prompt and accurate provision of information
  • Balance patients’ and clients’ needs with those that a successful business requires. Maximise turnover, always ethically, by working thoroughly and providing a popular service that will help the branch practice grow
  • Comply with other reasonable tasks requested by Goddard Veterinary Group management.

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