Chingford Boarding Kennels

Please note the Cattery is now permanently closed.

Our team of well-trained and experienced staff, ensure that every pet is given first class care and attention, providing you peace of mind whilst you are away.

We are a fully licensed and local authority approved facility, with dog boarding facilities and the additional benefit of a small animal block where rabbits, guinea pigs, and more exotic guests such as reptiles and birds can enjoy their stay.

We also have a unique benefit of having one of our veterinary practices on site, which means in an extremely rare event of a medical emergency, your pet can be treated without delay*.

*The costs of any veterinary treatment incurred are payable by the pet owner at the time of collecting their pet

If you require a quote for your pet’s stay or any other information please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to help

Chingford Boarding Kennels & Cattery
160 Chingford Mount Road
E4 9BS
9:00am to 5:00pm
9:00am to 5:00pm
9:00am to 5:00pm
9:00am to 5:00pm
9:00am to 5:00pm
9:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday and Bank holidays

Please come along and visit us Monday-Saturday 12:00pm to 4:00pm no appointment necessary.


Our dog boarding kennels offer spacious and comfortable accommodation for all ages, breeds and sizes of dog. The kennels are heated in the winter months and air conditioned during the summer for your pet’s comfort.  All kennels have covered runs so boarders are able to stretch their legs and for those that are extra energetic, we can offer off-site walks during their stay.

We understand that some dogs can be a little fussy when it comes down to their diet, we offer a wide choice of wet and dried food for your dog.  If, however, if you feed a specialised diet, we are more than happy for you to supply their own food to be fed during their stay.

All of our pet guests will have their own warm, soft bedding and baskets provided and owners are welcome to bring along their pet’s favourite toys and treats if they wish.

Dog Vaccinations

  • We require all dogs to be vaccinated against Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Viral Hepatitis and Kennel Cough in order to protect them and other boarding dogs at our kennels.
  • The standard vaccination consists of a primary course of two injections given over two to three weeks followed by a single annual ‘booster’ vaccination – we can even organise for your dog to have his annual booster with us during the stay.
  • Dogs can board five days after the end of a primary course or the same day a booster vaccination has been given.
  • The Kennel Cough vaccine is an intranasal vaccine, a single vaccine providing 12 months protection. Dogs can board three days after the vaccine is given.
  • In special circumstances we may be able to board some unvaccinated dogs but they will be accommodated in an isolation area until they are fully immunised.

Small Animals and Exotic Pets

Your rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, tortoises or other small furry or feathered friends are housed in their own climate controlled section and looked after by experienced, knowledgeable staff.

We offer a wide range of species specific diets for our small animal and exotic guests, including fresh fruit and vegetables prepared on a daily basis to ensure all of their nutritional needs are catered for. If, however, if you would rather supply their own food, we are more than happy to feed this during their stay.

Rabbit Vaccinations

We recommend rabbits are vaccinated against myxomatosis and Viral haemaorrhagic disease including the newly detected strain (RHDV2).

The myxomatosis and regular strain of viral haemorrhagic disease can be given in a combined vaccination and there is an additional vaccine available to protect your rabbit against the RHDV2 strain.  Your veterinary surgeon will be able to advise further on the vaccinations available.

Price List

Veterinary Health Plan

We offer a health plan policy for dogs boarding with us. The policy covers veterinary fees up to £1500 with no excess to pay, should your pet require veterinary attention during their stay offering you peace of mind whilst away. Cost per week or part week is only £9 per dog.

The plan does not cover pre-existing conditions.

from £16.25
Small animals and exotics
from £5
from £17.50
Small animals and exotics
from £6.25

Additional Services

Dog Walking Service

For a small additional charge, members of staff will happily walk dogs on a lead once a day in the local park during their stay to provide extra exercise and opportunity for play.

Dog Bathing

During their stay, dogs of all sizes can be washed, dried and brushed in our purpose built shower facility and be returned to their owners looking and smelling better than ever!

Nail Clipping

If you can hear your dog’s claws clicking as they walk along hard ground they may be over-long and in need of a trim. Overgrown nails can easily catch and tear or even grow right back into the pads. Our staff can check your dog’s nails and clip them as necessary.

Medication Administration

We are happy to administer any medication your pet requires during their stay to which there is a minimal charge.  Please inform us should your pet require this service at the time of booking to allow us to discuss the treatment in further detail and inform you of any costs involved.


From April 2016 it is compulsory by law for owners to ensure their dog is microchipped. Microchipping your pet will ensure they are permanently identified as belonging to you. In the event of your pet getting lost or stolen they can be safely and rapidly returned to you if they are found and scanned.

Collection and Delivery

We are happy to arrange the collection and delivery of your pet from your home before and after their stay with us. Costs are dependent on distance from the kennels and we will be happy to give you a quotation on request.


Worming & Flea treatment

Should your dog require their routine flea or worming treatment during their stay, we are happy to administer this, just mention at the time of booking.

Meet the Team

Our network of branches and hospitals have the support of an experienced management team as well as administrative backup.

Philippa Davis

Kennels General Manager

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Chloe Joseph

Office Manager

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Jennifer Denew

Kennel Manager

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Kimberley Tomlinson

Kennel Manager and Hydrotherapist

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