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Barney's pebble dash

A chocolate Labrador from Chessington is recovering following an operation to remove 90 pebbles from his stomach. Barney, a three year old dog, owned by Mrs Kim Woollard and family, apparently tucked into the pebbles during a visit to Sheerness beach in Kent.

Mrs Woollard became concerned when he became ill later that day, vomiting up a number of pebbles. She took him to our Chessington branch where an X-ray revealed a huge pile of pebbles in his abdomen. He was later referred to the Stone Lion Veterinary Hospital in Wimbledon for a further X-ray and consequently an operation to remove them.

Commenting on Barney’s unexpected food choice, Mrs Woollard said: “Barney has been to the beach several times before and loves it. He’s never done anything like this and it wasn’t obvious while we were playing that he was eating so many pebbles. Once we got home he just wasn’t himself and was clearly very uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the X-ray and what was inside him! I’m so relieved that he’s now recuperating safely at home and will be keeping a close eye on him next time we go to the beach!”

Roger Bralow, vet at Stone Lion Hospital, commented: “While it’s normal for dogs on the beach to scavenge and, in so doing, swallow a few pebbles, the sheer volume he consumed is unusual and had the potential to cause him serious internal injuries. Fortunately, Mrs Woollard acted swiftly in getting Barney to us quickly and he’s now making a good recovery.  Our advice to owners is to monitor their dogs carefully while they’re on the beach but not to stop them from having fun because that’s what it’s all about. It seems that Barney just got a bit carried away!”

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